Month: August 2019

People have been inquiring if the nursery is open and what events we might be attending. I promise, in the winter, I will create a calendar for all this information on the website. But for now this blog will have to do. I am super busy seed collecting, transplanting and going to sales.

So the nursery is open. Please do drop by but just let us know when you are coming since we are doing alot of offsite beekeeping. Here is a listing of places to find us in the near future.

Aberfoyle Farmers Market Saturday August 31 from 8 – 1 pm. 23 Wellington 46, Puslinch

Dundas Farmers Market Thursday Sept 19 and 26. Thursday October 3,10,17 and 24 from 3 – 7 pm 11 Millers Lane, Hamilton

2019 Native Plant Sale at the Royal Botanical Gardens Saturday September 21 from 9 – 3 pm. At the Arboretum at 16 Old Guelph Rd, Hamilton

Many customers browse through our current inventory and place an order to be picked up at one of these events we are attending. For some people this saves alot in time and travelling. Be sure to give us ample time to get your order together if you wish to take advantage of this shopping option.

Really, I promise. In the winter I will create a calendar of all our events. And remember – the fall is an exceptional time to be planting.

Happy planting.

We absolutely love this time of year. A time to hike and get out into nature on a regular basis. A necessity, in our business, since we hand collect our seeds from Southern Ontario. People ask why we just don’t buy the seeds or seedlings.

To me, that would defeat our whole genetic program. The only way we know, for sure, where these seeds have come from is by picking them ourselves. It is not just about location but the way in which the seeds are chosen. We do not just pick from one tree or one shrub but from multiple shrubs or parent trees to diversify the genetics of what we are picking. Even though they are all from the same geographical location we pick as much as we can from varied parents at that site. In this way, we are diversifying that genetic base.

Is it more work? You bet. But I am convinced that we need to continue these seed picking efforts if we are to diversify our future forests and make them resilient towards climate change.

Have to go now. Seed picking awaits!

We are always looking at ways we can diversify the Ontario landscape and enable assisted tree migration. For the past 2 years, we have intensified our efforts to find more southerly seed sources. These southerly sites will allow for tree and plant migration to the north. The more sites, and parent stock, available the greater the genetic diversity moving northward.

But what about cottage country? Climate change will not skip over this precious area. We decided to include more northerly locations to help assist our lake area with assisted migration. Not only does migration include vegetation moving northward but also laterally. Basically, expanding east to west boundaries.

Stay tuned.