All potted stock are raised using seeds and nuts collected in the greater golden horseshoe area of southern Ontario. We specialize in native and Carolinian trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Some of these trees are crucial for struggling and endangered pollinator populations. They all have wildlife appeal and will enhance the biodiversity of any site.

All stock is carefully grown knowing that our world is changing and climate change will make for challenging conditions.  We try to incorporate growing practices and science to enhance survivability of stock.  To note some practices, we use no tree support but allow wind action to stimulate superior wood strength and root development.  We inoculate all stock with fungi and use no artificial fertilizer.  Mycorrhiza enhance plant survival by increasing availability of nutrients and water. We have started air pruning our stock.  This is new technology which creates superior root development. 


Our stock is priced by height.




                                                          PRICE         HST             TOTAL

Up to 1 foot                                     $ 8.85   +    $1.15  =        $10.00

1 – 3 feet                                           $13.28  +    $1.72  =        $15.00

3 – 5 feet                                           $17.70  +    $2.30  =        $20.00

5 – 7 feet                                           $26.55  +    $3.45  =        $30.00 

Greater than 7 feet                        $35.40  +    $4.60  =        $40.00 



 All Wildflowers                            $ 5.31    +    $ .69   =         $ 6.00                                      


 To find out  current stock availability in your desired heights, simply check the ongoing inventory we have created.


‘ God has cared for these trees,

Saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods.

But he cannot save them from fools. ‘

John Muir